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A Year in Review | Meet the Duffs!

Where are my manners? I’ve mentioned my wonderful husband here and here, but I haven’t officially introduced him yet. Please excuse me and allow me to introduce my Husband, Boaz, life partner, head of my household, and so much more!

Meet Lawrence! Handsome isn’t he?

The Duff's YouTube Channel

By the way, that’s me! Alexis, but you know me by my alias, Lexi Mo

Lawrence is my empathetic, compassionate, and selfless spouse! He is super funny and always the life of the party.  He’s such a hopeless romantic that never misses an opportunity to show his love for me.  He’s living proof that chivalry is not dead.  He opens all doors for me, pulls out my chair, and walks on the outside of the sidewalk.  He is such a servant in how he prioritizes me and caters to me.  To know him is to love him.  Don’t you just love him?  I know I do!

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Where It All Began

While Lawrence and I were courting  we were in such busy seasons in our lives.  Despite such busyness, God was preparing us for His purpose for our marriage.  Lawrence  worked a full-time job and a  part-time job; I worked a full-time job and took courses online full-time towards complete my Bachelor’s degree.  We randomly started recording videos on Facebook anytime we were in the car together.  We wanted our family and friends to know that we still exist!  We never imagine God would use those videos to create a desire to join the YouTube platform to reach others beyond our family and friends.

The Lord has made everything for its purpose

Proverbs 16:4 ESV

Our Purpose

Since being married, we’ve discovered our passion for marriage God’s way.  God began to prepare us for His purpose while we were courting.  Despite us both being such private people, God lead us to open up and begin to share our relationship publicly. He placed a desire in our hearts to represent His intended purpose for marriage during our time on Earth.  We were completely oblivious to what that meant for us and our future.  We decided that we would would surrender our union to be used by God, however that may be.  We are amazed at where God is leading us and so grateful to be chosen.

The Duff's YouTube Channel

 Our Mission

We are a newlywed husband and wife duo ministering grace, gospel, and agape love on God’s design for marriage.  With our channel, we hope to encourage and inspire others that are married or desire to be married one day with God’s favor, good news, and unfailing love.

On our channel, we transparently share lessons God has revealed to us with good humor and in a practical way.  We would love for you to join us on our journey to discovering all God has for us.

Meet the Duffs

Fast Forward

On July 11th, we celebrated our one year anniversary.  Our first year of marriage was a roller-coaster of emotions, challenges, and triumphs.  There were ups and downs, highs and lows, and peaks and valleys.  Through it all, the one constant was our faith in God.  Our faith is what sustained us during the difficult times and made us conquerors.

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Romans 8:37

We recorded a video to share some of the challenges we faced during our first year of marriage.  We also share some practical nuggets on how we overcame those challenges that you may find helpful in any season of your relationship.

Click the video below to hear us discuss our first year of marriage.
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Whether you are courting, engaged or married, God has a purpose for putting you and your spouse together.  We invite you to join us on our journey through videos.  We would love to hear God’s purpose for your marriage as well.  Has God placed a desire in your heart for you and your significant other to do something?  You can usual identify His purpose if  there is something that you are constantly thinking about no matter how crazy it may seem.  If His purpose hasn’t been revealed to you, just ask Him.

Grace and Peace

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  1. How exciting, happy late anniversary! I can TOTALLY relate to the first year of marriage roller coaster 😅 but God is so evidently working through y’all. Thanks for these reminders!

    Sydney Meek |

  2. I love this woman so much and this was such an amazing post. I love the journey we have been on with God as our travel guide. It’s true God has a purpose for us all and He gave me the most intelligent beautiful partner a man could ask for. Keep up the great work!!

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