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A man begins every stage of his life as a novice.
Nicolas Chamfort

Another person’s achievements can often lead you to believe that they have always been an expert.  You may forget that they were beginners that made mistakes and had to find their way just like you.  Their success can intimidate you from starting anything because you feel that you don’t measure up to the next person.

Hi. I am Alexis and I can definitely relate!

Those were my exact sentiments in August 2016.  I had recently gotten married and didn’t have the first clue about being a wife. I was 30 years old working in an entry level, low paying job I didn’t like just to make ends meet. I was taking online courses after dropping out 5 times toward a degree I didn’t know if I would use (and most certainly couldn’t afford to pay for with my job).

I sat at my desk 2 weeks before the end of the class toward my bachelor’s degree staring at my grades and I had a 46 average. I was failing the course. When I looked at the screen, the F didn’t just represent how I was doing in the course; it also represented how I felt I was doing in life. I felt that I was failing at life overall.  Society promised me that work, a good man, and an education was I needed in life. I felt defeated.

But God!

I felt a strong tugging in my heart to just pray. As soon as I bowed my head and opened my mouth, tears immediately began to stream down my face. I began to thank God for everything that He’s done for me, His grace and His mercy. I asked for His forgivenes for walking in my own way. I humbled myself in the presence of my loving, heavenly Father and surrendered to His purpose for my life. I realize that without Him I can’t do anything. I let the Lord know that I don’t know what my future hold, but He does according to Jeremiah 29:11. I asked him to reveal His purpose for my life.

The Holy Spirit led me to the Jeremiah 1. God tells Jeremiah He knew him before his was conceived and He created him for a purpose. Jeremiah felt he wasn’t qualified because of he was a youth. The Lord told Jeremiah not to worry because it is Him that will give him what He needs to fulfill his purpose!

Over the next few weeks, God placed a desire in my heart to start a blog. The desire became so strong that it consumed my thoughts. I wrestled with the idea. I felt I was not qualified and too inexperienced, just like the prophet, Jeremiah. God is not a respecter of persons, so what He did for Jeremiah, he will do for me. I began to trust God to give me what I needed to fulfill his purpose.

Zechariah 4:10 reminds us to “not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

If you have made it this far, you are not here by accident. God is strategic in how he orders every step, decision, or click of a button. I am a novice blogger and that is alright with me. I am allowing myself to be a beginner and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me.

If you consider yourself to be a novice in any area of your life, you are in the right place to receive encouragement and inspiration with contentment where you are while trusting in God to reveal the purpose for your life.  Know that God can and will meet you right where you are! Before you go, I want to invite you to join my online email community. By signing up, you ensure that you never miss a post.

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Grace and Peace