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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Husband on His Birthday from Ephesians 5:33

This weekend is my husband’s birthday.  For weeks I have been trying to decide how to celebrate my husband; the man that loves me as he loves himself and as Christ loves the church.  Nothing tangible or materialistic seems worthy for such a sacrificial man that works so hard to make sure he provides for …


Overcoming Writer’s Block in the New Year

The enemy used doubt to cause writer's block to try to prevent me from sharing the gospel. Are you doubting yourself regarding something the Holy Spirit told you to do? Make a decision today to resist the devil and submit to God with your whole heart so that he can restore your faith.

Writer’s Block Happy New Year!  I haven’t written a blog post in over 4 months.  I would try to write and couldn’t for what I thought was just some “strange” reason.  This was a severe case of writer’s block.   No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t form a blog post out of my thoughts.  …


Jesus is a Shepard to the Black Sheep Too

I started writing at a very young age.  I would write as a way to release what I felt inside.  My mother and father divorced when I was very young.  I was too young to actually know what happened in my parent’s relationship to cause them to separate.  To be honest, I didn’t know that …

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A Year in Review | Meet the Duffs!

Where are my manners? I’ve mentioned my wonderful husband here and here, but I haven’t officially introduced him yet. Please excuse me and allow me to introduce my Husband, Boaz, life partner, head of my household, and so much more! Meet Lawrence! Handsome isn’t he? By the way, that’s me! Alexis, but you know me …

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The Holy Spirit: The Subject Matter Expert for Your Marriage

I want to always share from my heart. To be able to share from my heart, I have to be completely transparent.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a husband that supports me sharing myself, our marriage, and our faults with everyone.  He supports my vision of sharing, as a testimony, in …

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My Recent Hair Trim: A Lesson on Trust in Marriage

If you read my first blog post, The Time is Now, I mentioned how as a self-proclaimed natural hair enthusiast I wanted to start a natural hair blog.  The Holy Spirit soon led me to go in another direction of ministering the gospel to women, particularly wives.  Despite knowing one of the many purposes for …

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How I Transitioned from an Independent Woman to a Submitted Woman During My First Year of Marriage

How I Transitioned from an Independent Woman to a Submitted Woman During my First Year of Marriage

My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Tuesday.  This past year for me has been a transition from being a self-proclaimed Independent Woman, depending on myself; to a Submitted Woman, that depends on God.  To be completely transparent, it wasn’t easy. I married my husband at age 30.  Most of my twenties …